KTP Laser Skin Treatments
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KTP Laser Skin Treatments

The KTP laser is used to treat blood vessels on the face, redness from Rosacea and brown spots(sun spots)for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of redness, vessels or brown spots in only one to two treatments and does not require any downtime. Some of the improvement is seen immediately, and some of the improvement in weeks following the procedure. The most common conditions treated are telangiectasias(fine spider veins in the cheeks and around the nose) Rosacea, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas on the face and body ,port wine stains and poikiloderma of civatte.

How Laser Works
The KTP laser works by selectively targeting irregular spots on the skin. Specifically, the laser targets red (hemoglobin) and brown (melanin) areas on the skin. While treating redness on the skin, the energy of the KTP laser gently coagulates the blood vessels below the skin's surface. This collapses those visible blood vessels and decreases the generalized redness seen in rosacea. While treating lentigines (sun spots), the energy of the KTP targets the melanocytes presents in the epidermis.

What to Expect
Treatment with the KTP laser does not take long; the length of the treatment depends on the area being treated. Depending on what you are treating, you may have a numbing gel applied to your skin. The treatment itself is not painful and you will be ready to go immediately after the treatment. There is no "down-time" and you will feel fine immediately following the treatment.

There is no downtime after treatment with the KTP laser. It does not cause bruising or excessive redness; most patients go immediately back to work or social events after their treatment. Brown spots may become temporarily darker following the treatment.

Number of Treatments
To remove blood vessels or brown spots usually 2-3 sessions are needed. Some patients see results in a single session. Other patients require a series of treatments. Contact Amy Rumley,LME and Certified Laser Technician today at Best Impressions Plastic Surgery for your Consultation at 336.707.1933

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