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We are pleased to provide the following testimonials.

I loved my entire experience with Dr. Best and his staff. I felt very comfortable and welcome; I am really glad I chose Best Impressions. I would definitely recommend Best Impressions to my family and friends so that they can experience all the great things and attitudes that I did. Dr. Best did a wonderful job and I look great!

A breast augmentation patient

I have had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Best and his staff. They have been extremely courteous and willing to answer many questions that have come up during my visits. I never feel rushed and always receive quality time during office visits. My skin feels and looks much better since I have been having the GlyDerm facials. After having the upper and lower eyelid surgery, I have seen noticeable improvement in the eye area. Also, I appreciated the calls and follow up care I received after my surgery. Many Thanks,
A Satisfied Patient


Thank you for helping to make my cosmetic surgery experience a positive and smooth one. The visits to your office were also pleasant. Dr. Best explained the procedure and what I might expect in a way that reduced any nervousness and fears. The staff in the office helped to arrange the surgery appointment to fit my schedule. The pre and post-office visits were also very pleasant. I had no problem with billing, or payment paperwork throughout the experience. Thank you all for what you did to organize my surgery this year. I am very pleased with the results!

A very happy patient !


I would tell anyone who is interested in any type of cosmetic surgery to call your office for a consultation first. They will find Dr. Best and his staff to be very friendly and most helpful in explaining the desired procedure. They will also find help with securing the most cost-effective facility to have the surgery performed, and on occasion, the procedure can be performed in the office. I have had more than one surgery using both a facility and the office. Both were most satisfactory. The visits after the surgery were very thorough and my appointments were always on time. If questions arose after I went home, help was only a telephone call away. I could not be more pleased with the results from my surgeries, and in my opinion, “Dr Best is the best to be found in Greensboro.”



I had breast enlargement surgery performed by Dr. Best a few months ago. I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Best and all his staff. The total procedure was explained in easy-to-understand terms, and I felt very comfortable asking all my silly questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Best to anyone considering any type of cosmetic surgery.



All of you are so friendly and wonderful to be around. That is the best thing that I tell people about going to Dr. Best. He does the best work in town, and the staff is great !! I knew that I would have great results with my breast augmentation and lift.

Thanks for all of you making me feel so comfortable and at home with you all. Besides your wonderful work, the personalities of everyone is one of the best things you have going for you. You make patients feel like they are the only one, and I know you really care about people. I will be back for more work in the future.



I could write a long letter stating why I would recommend your practice. I decided to focus on just one idea. When choosing to have elective surgery, there are many doubts and fears to overcome. Additionally, you may feel rather private about the procedure you are undertaking. Dr. Best deals so well with this by providing unlimited amounts of time to talk with his staff and himself. I never felt rushed, and believe me, I took up my share of their time. Dr. Best has provided a great team, and my husband felt the same way when he met them.

Thanks again, we both love the results.



Best Impressions has a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Best and his staff mad me feel good about my decision. With confidence, I would recommend any friend or family member to Best Impressions. I am very happy with my results.

Breast augmentation patient


I was very reluctant to have liposuction because of the horror stories I  had heard, but Dr. Best and his staff put all my fears to rest. This procedure was easier than I could have ever imagined. It has only been four weeks since I had my surgery on my back, stomach, and hips, and I can already tell quite a difference. Simply amazing! I have had four surgeries in the past, and this by far was the EASIEST surgery I have ever had. Simply put, I would do it over and over again without hesitation. Dr. Best without question comes highly recommended.

C.S., Clemmons, NC


I would love to tell about my experience with Best Impressions. I am a patient who had breast augmentation done. I thought that your office did a wonderful job! I really appreciate the kindness and for all the help that they showed. I remember calling several times in one day to ask questions, and no matter what, your staff was always happy to answer any kind of questions I had.

Dr. Best and others made me feel very comfortable going into this procedure and also helped my family feel comfortable about my decision. I am really happy with the results. So I would definitely recommend Best Impressions to someone who was interested in plastic surgery.

Thanks again for your kindness and the great job!



Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love my nose! That is something that I never thought I would say! Having a procedure to change your face is a big decision. After all, I’ve had that nose for 33 years. I wanted to have rhinoplasty for years, but was apprehensive of not only the results but how the procedure would be done and what to expect during recovery. After several consultations with other Plastic Surgeons, I knew that you were the one  I wanted to do this. I appreciate the time and effort that was taken during both the initial consultation and pre-operative visits by you and your staff to explain the procedure and let me know ahead what to honestly expect (recovery, risks, etc.). You guys made me feel so much more comfortable, and made what was once a very big decision a very easy one. I love the results. Thank you again!

E.E. Greensboro, NC


I want to thank you for the time and care that you so patiently gave me. I can remember the first time I came to the office, and I was overly paranoid about running into someone that I knew. Your staff was great about ushering me into a room to respect my issues with privacy. Dr. Best, you were great not to push me into getting implants. You knew (and told me) that the results would be better, but I was most determined not to put anything into my body! Had I listened to your subtle advice the first time, I would only have had one procedure. Of course, you allowed me to get just the " lift.”

I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results, so I had to convince my all natural husband that I needed just a small and very natural augmentation to get a little fullness. I love them! Dr. Best, you are a true artist to take me from “National Geographic” boobs to WOW! Even worth driving from three hours away! I believe that they are so natural that my best friends would not have noticed. Before, I was always wearing a padded push up bra. Bra...who needs one of those? Thanks for answering the same questions over and over. Bless you all !



Just a thanks !
Just wanted to thank you, Dr. Best and staff, for answering all of my questions ! I know that I’ve had a bunch. It must feel good working in a profession where you see such a difference in people’s appearance and how they feel about their changes. I grew up in a family with several artists. I know a good artist when I see his work, and Dr. Best is a true artist! I look forward to warm weather and the clothes that go along with it. I thought this surgery would be nice because I wouldn’t have to trip over my breasts anymore! An extra bonus—they really are attractive! I’m sure in a few weeks, I’ll get over flashing myself in every mirror in our house!



Having the breast augmentation surgery really gave me a lot of confidence about my body—not just in revealing outfits such as bathing suits, but also in my everyday clothes. It has made such a nice difference !